Name: Vann (Or Charge among the Military)

Age: 25

Role: Captain of 1st Ground forces (Stationed in capital)

SIblings: Libera (Younger sister)

The Charge.Edit

Vann got his name The charge, or just Charge, because of how well he handled taking charge when he got to captain and how he enters a rebellion territory, with a strong backbreaking charge. As his soldiers are trained in a special way to break through most territories.

Vann has freed over 60 rebellion lands.


  • Vann
  • Khani Vann's Vice Captain
  • Juichi Vann's Tactician
  • Ve (Left) Vi (Right) Vann's bodyguards

Vann is very sincere and straight. He jokes around ocassionally. But on the battlefield he's quite sadistic not sparring any mercy. Vann needs a reason to help, as he doesn't accept any request. Vann cares for his soldiers and trains them well to m

ake sure they can fight and know their cause. Vann is an expert swordsman an expert commander and a fine strategist.

Kusagami StyleEdit

A defensive stance Vann created. When in a duel. He takes this stance. Providing that he can do a lethal counter attack. When he doesn't he at least lands a hit. Only a blow stronger than his sword can throw him out of the stance. Or a gunshot.