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Name: Marzia Rune

Age: 20

Wife of King Rune.


When King Xade had stepped into power he sent out an order to his knights and guards to collect all the woman, married or not. During the process Marzia, who had wished not to leave her families side, hid away. Her family was immediatly captured and tortured for disobeying their orders/King's orders. Marzia came out of hiding handing herself over to the King as his bride. Her family was released and she was married only a month after the death of the Queen Alethea.


  • Being the King's wife she isn't all that fond of him. She does show some signs of hate and love towards him. Mixed feelings.

Her personality differs. She is know to be a family kind of girl, very protective. Marzia can also be high and mighty to others, since she is married to the King.

Other info:Edit

  • 10 years younger than Xade
  • She has little wiggle room of power with guards and knights.
  • Is unaware of the King's affair.