Libera (Liberation)

Name: Libera(Short Nickname for Liberation) 

Age: 23

Role: Captain of The 1st Armed Forces(Stationed in the capital)

Siblings: Vann(Older Brother)

The "Liberator" Edit

Libera is nicknamed Liberation because of her many successful campaigns against rebels. She has subjugated more than 100 rebels and freed many territories in Alari. Her name is rejoiced and feared between allies and foes alike. 

She has freed the most territory in the entire military. Freeing more than 100 territories.


Libera is a straight forward person she is one of the kindest yet scariest people you could possibly meet in the land. She is caring towards her soldiers and towards the people in need of help. When in an intense situation she is calm never stressing out over things unlike most of the men and women

  • Libera's Vice Captain (Arami)
  • Libera's Strategist (Kelra)
  • Libera's Bodyguard (Silvix)

under her command. She is a fine swordsman, a decent strategist, and an excellent commander.

Kendoji StyleEdit

Libera is also known for a custom battle stance and fighting style she invented known as Kendoji. Each stance gives her an upper hand in a physical trait. 

Kendoji Style: Amarok - This is an offensive stance of her as she tends to be at her top speed in this stance and style being able to manuever very well.

(More will be revealed as rp goes)