Kingdom Of AlariEdit

        The kingdom was first founded by Xavier Rune. He was only twenty-two when he built up his own kingdom. At the time he was married to a young woman who was barely twenty years old. Her name was, Alari.They both became King and Queen,after some time their first child was born, who was boy and given the name Xade. After 3 years their second

The Kingdom.

child was born a girl, who was named Alethea. Soon both of the children were praised by the citizens and dearly loved by their parents.

4 years had passed and the Kingdom was attacked. The battle raged on durning the night where the castle was infiltrated. The King rushed the scene gathering the royal knights, he sent his most trusted knight Levi to find his wife and kids and escort them out of the kingdom. The castle was set to a blaze as more attackers entered the kingdom. The queen and her children had escaped with Levi. As they ran through the kingdom streets the Queen was shot down by  an attacker with a cross bow. Before the Knight could even go back to rescue her, more attackers had gathered around her body. He kept running, covering the childrens eyes.



After light had hit the sky the intruders had left. The kingdom now in shambles. Levi had escaped with the children to a nearby village where they were soon untied with their injured father. The knight had told him of the loss of the Queen, Xavier only wept showing his only sign of weakness ever to one's that looked up to him as a strong ruler.

A funeral took place for the Queen and construction was on its way to rebuilt what was lost in the fight. The King showed no emotion at the burial and only looked to his children. The two were soon thrown into tight protection and were taught the ways of ruling a kingdom.

Xade and Alethea spent most of their lives inside the castle, learning the way of ruling. They never really lived their own live. After the death of their mother they became more close to one another, more protective. During their time of learning the children were given some freedom. Both of them took up sword fighting, in a way to defend. Reading was also time consuming, but Alethea read the most.

Several years later when Xade was but 25 and his sister 22 their father had fallen ill. His children rushed to his bedside. Their father was in horrible shape, practically laying on his death bed. Uttering his last words to his kids, he announced the throne to, Alethea. He died only a few hours after.

During that time as she ruled the Kingdom, Xade and herself grew distance and rarely talked as much as they did from when they were kids.

Queen Alethea ruled for 4 years till her mystrious death that lead her brother to step into power.