Harely Galbraith

Age: 24

Is wanted "Dead or Alive."Edit

Status: Alive


Harely has short ruffled up white hair that reaches to her neck and pale blue eyes. Her normal attire is a black white-striped blouse, black skirt that barely reaches to her knees, and black knee socks with black shoes. She likes to wear very fancy like clothing, which kind of steers towards a maid look.      -------------------------->


Harley was part of a family of 5. Their father was captain of sky knights,this led on to her joining to become a knight. Their mother on the other hand was a simple housewife who died young from disease. After the death of their mother Harley's brother,Everette was stomped on by run away horses.  When she had turned 19 she joined the knights and worked extremely hard peaking the queens interest. Harley's loyalty and skills proved to be most excellent and was appointed the personal knight for the queen at age 20. Later on after a small fleet had attacked the kingdom,her father was shot down from his post. This ultimately led to her drop out of being the personal knight, when the Queen was announced dead she had felt guilt and failure in protection,she eventually left the knighthood slowly turning into a criminal.

Other Info:Edit

  • She was a knight for the queen.
  • Is a well known criminal in the kingdom.
  • She carries around small daggers.
  • Parents passed away and now the guardian of her little sister.
  • Has on old pocket watch that was given to her by her father.
  • A raven is known to help her in her crimes.


Full name: Lena "Christine" Galbraith.

Age: 8 1/2

Status: Alive

This is Lena. Harley's little sister.She was the last child born before their mother passed away. She is whopping 8 years old how acts more like she's 5. Her sister always tells her to stay inside but curiousity always gets the better of her. Sometimes she'll leave the house to explore the kingdom, utterly getting herself lost.

She is though unaware of her older sisters actions of crime and remembers nothing about her being a knight. She does know that Harley has a raven as a pet that Lena likes to call it "Celly".

Indeed. Lena is nothing but a troublesome ray of sunshine that is always looking for a way to help others with out caring for her self being, just like her mother.